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Yomu is an independent reader for book lovers. Yomu’s design is carefully crafted for ebooks and offers custom styles for better readability and distraction-free reading.

Designed to let you focus on reading, Yomu has no unnecessary preferences. Just open a book and start reading. Yomu’s fluid layout dynamically adjusts all text properties and margins depending on your preferred styles and device, giving you an optimal reading experience.

Yomu supports standard ebooks without digital rights management.

Supported formats:
- EPub (.epub)
- Mobi (.mobi, .prc)
- Kindle (.azw, .azw3, .kf8)
- Comics (.cbz, .cbr)
- PDF (.pdf)

Choose any of over thousand freely available ebooks from publishers like Feedbooks, Manybooks or Project Gutenberg. Simply drag and drop files to your library or open a document to get started.

The reader's design is carefully crafted for ebooks and offers custom styles for better readability.

Choose your favorite theme, reading mode (day, sepia or night) and paging (page or scroll). Select a preferred size, alignment and hyphenation.

Swipe or click to go to the next page. You can use the book's content outline or table of contents to navigate to another chapter.

While reading EPub, Mobi and Kindle books, select text to take notes or highlight favorite sections. Search inside ebooks to quickly find anything you are looking for.

Organise your books in an easy to use library.

Manage your library by creating folders or tags to organize your books. Sort your collection either by title, author or drag and drop for a custom order.

You can edit a document's title, author, summary, cover or any other meta data. Save or export your books with all information and annotations in text or markdown format.

Yomu's Cloud Library (pro only) stores your books and annotations securely in Apple's iCloud.

Keep all your ebooks safe and at hand on whatever device. Every time you change something on one device, it's synced to all your other devices. Always have the latest version, when you start reading on your Mac and continue on your iPhone or iPad on the go.

Please note that you need to be signed in on your device with the same Apple ID on both platforms.

Yomu is free to use and includes all basic features.

Every ebook format, theme or setting is available and lets you try out the unrestricted reader. However, the free version has some limitations and does not include certain features.

Upgrade to Yomu Pro to get:
- Cloud Library: Store and sync your library with Apple’s iCloud.
- Unlimited Documents: No limit on the number of documents.
- No Advertisement: Free version can display ads.

Yomu is an independent app, your purchase supports the further development.

When you buy an in-app purchase, you are doing so through Apple’s App Store and you are agreeing to their terms and conditions. Payments will be charged to the credit card of your Apple account.

Yomu is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

You can download the iOS app from the App Store:

In contrast to other apps, Yomu does not collect or sell any personal information. And it keeps your data private.

Terms of Service:

Privacy Policy:



Release Notes

2020-02-29 | Version : 2.6.5 | Storlek : 5,9 MB
- Footnote Bugfix
Fixes an issue where footnotes would not work correctly.

- Navigation Bugfix
Fixes an issue where navigation could fail to load a chapter.

2020-02-09 | Version : 2.6.4 | Storlek : 5,9 MB
- Maintenance
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

2020-01-10 | Version : 2.6.3 | Storlek : 5,9 MB
- File Export
Save original ebook files or export annotations in text/markdown format directly to your desktop.

- Reader Formats
Optimized styles for code snippets.


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