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Av Craig McPheeters

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LuckGrib is a fully featured, easy to use, fast GRIB reader, viewer and downloader.

LuckGrib comes with a 14 day free trial. If you are interested in studying weather and gaining access to detailed weather forecasts, download the app and give it a try.

LuckGrib uses beautiful and fast graphics to give you insight and understanding into how the weather and ocean conditions will change through a forecast as well as showing you the details of what happens at any location.

Weather forecast data, packaged as GRIB files, can be downloaded directly from the LuckGrib server cluster. Downloads from the server cluster are fast - you can easily explore the weather world wide using some of the best weather models available.

All direct high-speed internet data downloads are free. You have immediate access to over 30 weather and ocean models.

Sailors, and other remote users, are able to download weather data while in the "middle on nowhere", some of the most beautiful places on the planet, via satellite or email downloads. See for more details.

Weather models are available which contain surface conditions, wave and swell state, ocean currents as well as higher altitude information such as that found at the 850mb, 500mb and 250mb levels - these levels correspond to the low cloud level or jet stream, for example. Some of the models available are: GFS, GDPS, CMC, WW3, HRRR, RAP, NAM, NDFD, Icon-EU, Arpège, Arome, OpenWRF, RTOFS

Check the support site for additional information regarding model availability. Short videos are also available, as are tutorials and other information

"The LuckGrib viewer is elegant, fast, and functional.... a must have app for all sailors using Macs for weather work."
—David Burch, Director of Starpath School of Navigation and author of Modern Marine Weather.

"LuckGrib…is a huge step forward in both functionality and ease of use when compared to anything else I have used."
— John Harries, Attainable Adventure Cruising.

• download your data directly from the LuckGrib server cluster
• download data using the Offshore Data service via Iridium GO!, GMN Optimizer or many email services, such as XGate, UUPlus, SailMail and others
• download weather and ocean data from models created by NOAA, Environment Canada, Météo-France, Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) in Germany and OpenWRF
• both global and regional models are available
• high resolution GRIB models are supported and displayed on their native grid (you see the actual model data, not a processed version where there is room for error)
• ensemble models have support for standard deviation and other information
• smooth transitions and animation show how the weather or ocean conditions evolve through a forecast
• instantly updated graphical and textual information as you interact with the weather models
• graphs of weather values (meteograms) at a point, along a line or along a vessels route. Meteograms are a convenient way to see trends in the weather
• support for sailors when planning a passage, during departure planning, as well as while on passage, through the points, routes and vessels features
• mark points and name them. Measure distances, simulate traveling through weather
• support for GRIB versions 1 and 2 allows you to import the widest range of information
• import GRIB files from outside sources
• access to hundreds of GRIB parameters (wind, rain, pressure, temperature, CAPE, CIN, humidity, wave information, ocean current data, vorticity, simulated radar, standard deviation, and many more)
• an internet connection is not required to view downloaded files. LuckGrib acts as a fully functional viewer when away from the internet

LuckGrib has a built in GRIB file librarian, allowing you instant access to all of your GRIB files. Switching between GRIB files is very fast, allowing you to compare the results of different models or to watch how a forecast evolves over time


Release Notes

2019-12-14 | Version : 3.5.1 | Storlek : 73,1 MB
Oops. The app was crashing when launched on macOS Catalina.  

This release fixes that problem, along with a couple of other small things.

2019-04-17 | Version : 3.3.1 | Storlek : 73,0 MB
This update contains a couple of small fixes and improvements.

Offshore GRIB requests are a little easier to create with an improved automatic resolution mode. Also, ensemble weather data display is improved in the meteograms. There are a few more small things which most people will never notice, but still, they make the app a little better, and that's a good thing.

2019-03-08 | Version : 3.3 | Storlek : 73,1 MB
This release introduces a new weather file service: LuckGrib Offshore Data.

Using the Offshore Data weather service, offshore sailors are able to request their data through email or via a slow internet method. The email service can be used by sailors, and anybody else operating in a remote setting who has access to email through a satellite phone or HF radio. The slow internet service can be used by people operating over slow internet connections such as 3G cell phone or some satellite provided wifi setups (you can test your setup using the 14-day free trial.)

The Offshore Data service delivers its data in a new Offshore Compact file format, which achieves the best file compression for weather data in the industry. Smaller files leads to faster downloads, and many other benefits. See for more details.

A second big improvement is support for ensemble standard deviation and control member information. Ensemble models are the preferred way to study long range forecasts. Sailors doing departure planning, or other people studying long range forecasts should check this out.

One last example of a new feature is the ability to show airports, with over 10,000 airports being added. Look in the Preferences area to control which labels are shown.

In addition to these new features, there are assorted improvements across the application, in a variety of areas.


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