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Av Tim Kosse (Business Follows srl)

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FileZilla Pro is a fast and reliable FTP, FTPS, SFTP, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure Storage, OpenStack Swift (using Keystone v2) and WebDAV client with lots of useful features. FileZilla Pro comes with an intuitive tabbed user interface and is available in more than 50 languages.

You can use the Site Manager to organize your sites and bookmarks. Your credentials are are stored securely, protected by strong cryptography.

Use powerful tools to quickly and easily navigate the server and locate your files: Directory listing filters hide irrelevant files from view. Compare local and remote directories and highlight the difference. Change both local and remote directories in lockstep. Or just use the the search dialog to find your files.

The transfer queue lets you manage your transfers, even if you queue millions of files. The size of your files does not matter, FileZilla Pro knows no size limit. Use drag&drop or the context menu to queue files. You can also directly transfer and open remote files in your favorite editor.

Configurable speed limits let you throttle FileZilla Pro if you need bandwidth for other purposes.

FileZilla Pro is ready for the Internet of the future with complete IPv6 support. Compatible with HTTP/1.1, SOCKS5 and FTP proxies.

The network configuration wizard guides you through configuring not just FileZilla Pro but also any firewall or NAT router you are using.

149,00 kr

Release Notes

2019-04-27 | Version : 3.41.2 | Storlek : 13,8 MB
* Backport a security fix from PuTTY 0.71 affecting SFTP connections: Fix an integer overflow in the RSA key exchange preceeding host key verification

2019-02-11 | Version : 3.40.0 | Storlek : 13,7 MB
New features:
* Dropbox: Added ability to create a temporary URL for a selected file
* S3: Added ability to create a temporary URL for a selected file
* Azure: Added ability to create a temporary URL for a selected file
* Added TLS 1.3 support

Fixed issues and other improvements:
* S3: Improved rule validation and workflow in bucket lifecycle policies dialog
* S3: Adjusted file permissions dialog to match what is shown in the AWS S3 console
* Backblaze B2: Fixed handling of truncated listings
* Backblaze B2: Fix transfer failures if remote directory cache entry has expired
* Refactored how sites and servers are being represented internally to fix issues trigged by renaming sites in the Site Manager
* Fixed display of server names containing ampersands in several dialogs
* Fixed regular expression filter in the quick search panel
* Fixed a crash if files are added to the queue when there are already files for multiple different servers in the queue
* Fixed a crash applying filters when there are no selected files and the focused item is past the new file count
* Fixed a crash if emptying the queue while a directory creation item is active

2017-11-19 | Version : 3.29.0 | Storlek : 12,4 MB


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