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Simply the best screen capture app for Mac!

Capture your screen or screen+camera with a few clicks. Devtendo helps teams save precious time to build, test and support better software.

Asynchronous Communication is how modern teams build software. Record your screen to collaborate with your team on bugs, project specs and product documentation. Send quick video updates and create training material with your microphone and facetime camera in no time.

Time is our most valuable asset. Software Teams need more visual communication to avoid needless meetings.

Devtendo recording will show multiple recordings of your screen in a simple timeline or screen history view. Never miss that hard to reproduce bug or waste more than 10 secs to report a product issue. Improve software engineering processes with visuals in your organization.

Devtendo is the answer to the following questions that professionals face in every software company:

"Can you please share the exact steps to reproduce the problem? I don't see it on my machine"
"Can you please explain how to use the new feature? The documentation is not clear"
"Can you help the new hire setup his dev machine?"
"Can you please send a quick summary report of the important meeting?"
"Can you upload the screen clip for every failed test case during the nightly automation run?"
"Can you send the remote team a quick video about the key priorities for the next month?"
"Can you please jump on a call to understand the customer escalation. Please document all the details before you open a ticket with engineering"

Avoid repetitive emails by using visual communication!

Devtendo is for professionals who care about time efficiency but need help in avoiding duplicate or redundant work.​ Time is a zero-sum game. Every minute wasted in a useless meeting eats into time that's required for individual work. Our technology leverages GPUs and adaptive encoding algorithms to make the screen capture process invisible. You can create and share videos instantly with Devtendo. It's a superpower for productive employees.

Post screen clips and small videos to iCloud, Dropbox, Atlassian JIRA, Trello, Github, GitLab, Slack, Asana, Zendesk, Notion, inVision, Google Docs, Youtube, Microsoft Stream or your favorite collaboration tool.


Release Notes

2020-02-29 | Version : 1.3 | Storlek : 22,1 MB
- Simplified menu UI
- Gorgeous annotation toolbar
- Bug Fixes

2020-02-09 | Version : 1.20 | Storlek : 17,2 MB
- New Permissions UI
- Our icon got more swagger
- Bug Fixes


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#152 : Mest populära Mac-appar [Utvecklarverktyg]

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