Pic Scanner: Scan Old Photos 4,5/5

Pic Scanner: Scan Old Photos

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Av App Initio Limited (Arvind Nangia)

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Scan, automatically crop multiple photos at a time. Unlimited use forever. No ads, watermarks, subscriptions, sign-ups or in-app purchases. All yours for a one-time, all-inclusive price.


Pic Scanner is the ORIGINAL: World's FIRST app to scan and crop multiple photos per click (Our pro app 'Pic Scanner Gold' has more features, but try Pic Scanner now and upgrade later.)

* Unlimited use of all the features
* Photo editing tools and filters
* Automatic perspective correction
* Captions: Add date, place, description
* Unlimited albums and slideshows

* Backup to Mac, sync iPhone-iPad: Your photos are yours, we don't make you upload them to our server

* Freely save and share photos:
- Transfer to any computer
- Post to social networks
- Share via email or messaging apps

* Use on iPhone AND iPad. Pay just once


So many features, yet so easy to use. Scan photos from albums, old memories in a shoe box, snaps lying forgotten in the basement. This app turns an iPhone or iPad into a powerful, portable photo scanner. Scan your photo collection in hours, not days. In high quality.

SCAN ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Pic Scanner needs no Internet. Scan photos that only you or your relatives have, so everyone can have a copy. Breathe life into legacy memories. This must-have app brings your analog past into the digital present, in a snap!


Saves loads of time (BBC Click)
Deserving of the rave reviews (Cult of Mac)
40 Best Apps (The Guardian)
Will Blow. Your. Mind. (Gould Genealogy)
Put away the desktop scanner (AppAdvice)

***** "Great App and Great customer service"
***** "Easy enough for a 6 or 66 years old"
***** "Scanned a couple hundred photos...really useful"
***** "Who needs a desktop scanner?"

Email us for fast, personalized advice. We are proud of our app and want you to love it. Get your copy of '5 Minute guide' on our website, and read in-app 'Top tips'. Anything else, just ask.

Batch scan past times' photographs into shareable, digital images. Pic Scanner is the best app to convert paper photos and preserve old Kodak moments!

Scanning photos for photo books or high resolution prints? Digitize 1-2 pictures at a time for high PPI (pixels per inch) scans.

FUN USES for scanned photographs:

* Supersize your memories: View pics on HDTV.
* Make vintage-look prints, posters or photo walls
* Instantly post TBT (Throwback Thursday) snaps
* Make photo transfers to canvas or T-shirts
* Great for genealogy, family history and ancestry work
* Use digital scrapbooking, journaling or photobooks
* Frame photos to hang (Reprinted copies, not originals!)
* Make photo crafts / gifts for Thanksgiving or Christmas
* Convert your photographic heritage into DIY keepsakes, heirloom mementos, family tree or memorial tributes.

PicScanner is designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch using iOS 9 and above. Not recommended for iPhone 4s and old devices.

Music credit

App preview, scanning tips video: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

50,00 kr

Release Notes

2020-02-09 | Version : 5.93 | Storlek : 64,6 MB
Fixed a little bug in exporting photos to Dropbox.

2019-04-17 | Version : 5.80 | Storlek : 55,2 MB
Under-the-hood improvements.

2017-12-22 | Version : 5.40 | Storlek : 53,8 MB
Now! Export captions with scanned photos. Add names, places, dates and other important details before sharing or saving scans, so that the stories are never forgotten (Requires one-time in-app purchase).

And, of course, a festive icon for the festive season! Happy holidays!

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