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Overload: Car Battle Online

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Overload - the must-have racing action title for your mobile device.

Experience the thrill of multiplayer, fast-paced car firing and shooting with amazing graphics and adrenaline pumping action. Overload features non-stop car battles between players all over the world. Pick any of your shooting cars and load your guns, missiles and firepower to blast away your opponents!

Overload is the best car firing & multiplayer car racing game for your mobile device. Traditional online multiplayer games can be boring but Overload has a thrilling gameplay. The ultimate death race and car battle is waiting for you. Are you ready to face off?


The world is put into havoc by a secret assassination group called WOA (World Organization of Assassins). Members of this assassin shooting group are brutal car killers with outstanding car racing skills, heavy firepower and they can do anything for money.

Rumours about WOA have spread all over the world. Some say that the top death race assassins live a king-like lifestyle with all the bounty from every successful car firing mission. Others say that WOA is open to everyone but only if they can pass a gruesome death test.

That death race test is Overload's 3D shooting simulator - a heartless competition where contestants must battle to a death race - many join, but only one survives.


Fight against other cars firing, battle players, race, dodge, ambush and blow them up with all of the firepower in your arsenal. Online multiplayer shooting simulator rankings update weekly and the top scorers are awarded.

Furthermore, Overload has 3 different shooting simulator modes - Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch Race and Capture the Flag. Find your favourite shooting mode and keep your fingers busy by blasting all your firepower from your arsenal.


Choose your own favorite from 3 different racing car types with a total of 10 different cars with unique abilities and stats. Apply stunning skins to make your car a unique one!


Arm your car to battle with destructive weapons scattered all over the arena : homing missiles, napalm bombs, shrapnel mortars and cloaking mine. Strap onto your seatbelt and go on a car racing fest!


Enhance your racing carís performance with Skill Points awarded each time you level up, and if thatís not enough, then feel free to equip the chip collected in Kubik to make the car racing even stronger, and the enemies even punier.

So, what are you waiting for? Become the best car firing expert and car battle shooter in Overload - the best online multiplayer shooting game. Install Overload right now!

Like Overload's car fighting gameplay? Give us a 5-star rating and review below. We'd be grateful if you do so. Thanks!

To know more about Overload, please visit -

Our Website - http://playoverload.io
Our Facebook Fanpage - https://www.facebook.com/OverloadGlobal/


Release Notes

2018-01-13 | Version : 1.6 | Storlek : 251,6 MB
- Fight with Squad Members or Friend
- Introduce Squad and Squad Kubik
- New control scheme
- Hide Enemy Indicator
- New Language: Spanish, French, Turkey
- Improve Matchmaking
- Start Joining League and Squad at Level 5
- All car is free at weekend
- Effect for Cars
- Connect to Facebook and invite your friend
- Add more Chip properties
- Remove Level Requirement of new car
- [Fixed] Auto-complete Daily Quest
- [Fixed] Overclock doesn't reduce recharge time of Special Skill

2017-05-24 | Version : 1.2 | Storlek : 239,6 MB
* New Features
- Login With Google Account: We provide another option to keep your account besides Facebook.
- Membership: Allows you to progress faster in the game with 50% more Coins and EXP gained after each match as bonus, not to mention gift as you login daily.
- Instant Boost : You can decide to increase your earned EXP & Coin when the game ends. But remember, the effect of this booster applies only to the base EXP & Coin, not the doubled one.
- Switch Server:Choose to play in EU, Asia or America servers. However, all your data (level, coin,exp…) remain in the old server and won’t transfer to the new one.
- Private Room: Now for the best part, Private Room in Custom Mode is for the friendly matches between you and friend, no more interuption, no more outsiders. Host has the rights to allow members to invite other friends.
- Buy Scrap and Spray Can: Buy them with Gem.
- Buy Skill Points: Buy them with Gem.
- Stamina: Each time the character engages in battle, the stamina decreases. If it goes too low, then the car performance is affected.
- Notice System for Chip: You’ll get noticed (in-game) if there’s chip to upgrade, to equip and even when you get new chip.
- New Type of Kubik: Rare Kubik is the name of this item. Have fun.
- Free Classic Kubik: Yes, 1 Classic Kubik every 8 hours, simple as that.
- Profile: Tap on your icon to access the profile, (and hints on two of the coming features, stay tuned).
- Daily Limit: You can play up to 20 matches daily, after that, EXP and coin earned from match becomes 0.
- Change Name: Name can be changed, with a price.
- Chip Upgrade: Chip can be upgraded to level 10.

* Balance
- Shockwave (BigFoot) : lower the jumping height, and adjust the pushing force.
- Spider Mine (Hummer) : The Awaken Radius reduced from 12 to 10, shooting Angle increased from 25 to 75.
- Sky Chaser (Bus) : Damage Increased from 85 to 115.
- Deathray (Wasp) : Decrease charging time to 1 sec and add some visual elements.
- Invisible Mine: Damage increased to 300 (was 200).
- Nitro : once activated, your vehicle can’t be slowed or burned.
- Play Time: Increased to 4 minutes.

* Improvements
- Repair Kit : Recovers 25% of your Max Armor or 500 Unit, takes the bigger value.
- All Tankers: Recovers 250 Armor each kill.
- City Map : Size is decreased by 20%.
- Skin Effect : Each Skin has small effect which varies depends on the vehicle class.
- Remove News in Menu: Now all the message will be delivered to you through Mail.
- User Interface: Rearrange Inventory and Equip Chip.

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Spel , Action , Racing

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