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Homebridge for RaspberryPi

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Finally it's here and the only one in the entire AppStore - Homebridge App!

With Homebridge you can easily and cheap turn your entire home into a futuristic smart home. Everything is controlled by you and your iPhone while Homerbidge works as a bridge between Apple's HomeKit on your iPhone / iPad and your devices like your TV, light, game console, jalousies, and and and.

All you need is a tiny and cheap PC called "RaspberryPi" - But don't worry this App will support you with supported projects and a bunch of software, which will be installed by this App, so you will be guided and don't need any deep PC-nerd-experinces.

With the great Homebridge-App you'll have fun to:
- setup your brand new RaspberryPi (2 or 3) with our preconfigured version of the open source installer "NOOBS".
- install and setup all relevant software on your RaspberryPi with just a single tap on the App
- automatically configure your RaspberryPi's WiFi, etc.
- install amazing Plug-Ins for Homebridge from our tiny Plug-In store
- coming soon: Follow awesome Homebridge-Projects, supported with shopping-lists and 1-click-installations and setup

Control. Your. Pi.
• Reboot your Pi
• Restart Homebridge
• Easily manage your Wifi-networks
• View all Homebridge-PlugIns (NPM) at a glance
• View all Homebridge error- and system-logs.
• Debug-Mode: Homebridge is not working, also after using our famous Auto-Repair function? Run Homebridge in the debugger to quickly determine, where the problem is.
• Networkscanner to easily find and identify your devices
• Create backups of your settings and configurations
• Fallback: Enjoy a build in SSH-Terminal, if you like.

Let's get nerdy:
Each member of our developer team loves the RaspberryPi with all varieties.
But sometimes it's very exhausting and frustrating to set up the whole software and keep track everything is running, so we build this amazing App!

What we do for you:
- setup your brand new RaspberryPi or connect to your existing one
- setup Homebridge incl. service, configuration and some hand sorted homebridge-plugins, which we think are just awesome
- edit your config.json graphically just from the App without any terminal, etc., also for not supported plugins and platforms
- keep track of your Pi, the homebridge-service, homebridge-pin, homebridge-logs, etc. so everything is just working and can be restarted / repaired if necessary
coming soon: connect your Pi to the HomeKit

Homebridge on a Mac
There are already users, which are using this App with a Homebridge server running on a Mac. However we strongly recommend using the App with a RaspberryPi (2 and later) and do not support servers, running on other machines including the Mac.

We need your help!
Did you see awesome Homebridge-Pi projects or Homebride-plug-ins, we should implement in our App for easy setup? Just text us to:

It's getting bigger and better than ever!
From update to update we will release new plug-ins you can install, new shopping lists with project you can work on, while we take care of the software-setup and guide you through the hardware-setup.

50,00 kr

Release Notes

2017-10-29 | Version : 2.1.1 | Storlek : 38,7 MB
We have added an "Update Center" in the tools tab, so you can update and upgrade your entire system easily.
The one-click update will take care of your operating system, Node JS, NPM as well as Homebridge updates.

Other changes:
- huge App-stability improvements!
- ready for iOS 11
- bug fixes

Many thanks for your feedback! This helps us a lot to find and fix bugs!

2017-09-22 | Version : 2.1 | Storlek : 33,7 MB
New features:
+ iPad Support
+ Force Touch support

New supported plugins:
+ Home Assistant
+ Synology
+ Domoticz

Because the 2.0 update is also pretty new, here its change log too:

This is a major 2.0 update!
We've received a lot of great feedback - thank you for that - and of course implemented a lot of your wishes.

First of all, we have improved and updated everything!
+ the new setup image is running just through within a world record time
+ both setup processes are improved extremely. Faster, better and even more important, highly stable! Homebridge will simply run smoothly after your setup.
+ the manual setup comes now with very few requirements, so your existing Homebridge configuration is safe!
+ a huge amount of other bug fixes to improve the stability inside the app

New design and modularization
+ separated tabs and functionalities offer you the best overview about the large number of functionalities, which are coming with the Homebridge App
+ this separation is continuing under the hood, which offers you a modular installation and configuration
+ a brand new support page to help you with all kinds of topics around Homebridge, the RaspberryPi and HomeKit.

New plugins
+ IKEA Tradfri
+ Fritz (Fritz!Box + Smart Home)
+ Belkin WeMo
+ LiFx

2017-06-20 | Version : 1.2.2 | Storlek : 28,4 MB
You'll find some nice tiny features in this new release!

Backup Database
Sometimes it's just good to know and helpful to have backups of the plain "config.json"s, so you can try something new and be able to easily restore an earlier configuration, in case the new one gets messy. Have a look in the "Actions" tab for this new feature!

Plain text editor for the config.json
We received feedback, that it's easier for a few accessories and platforms, when you can manually add or edit the entries, using a plain text editor. So just added one to the "Actions" tab.

Other new features:
• Delete "CachedAccessories"
• Bug fixes and improvements

Skärmdumpar iPhone / iPod :

Skärmdumpar iPhone / iPod Skärmdumpar iPhone / iPod Skärmdumpar iPhone / iPod Skärmdumpar iPhone / iPod Skärmdumpar iPhone / iPod

Skärmdumpar iPad :

Skärmdumpar iPad Skärmdumpar iPad Skärmdumpar iPad Skärmdumpar iPad Skärmdumpar iPad


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