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Docs² | for Microsoft Excel

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Av Docs Squared, LLC (Office Essentials for Microsoft Office and Google Docs, LLC)

• Start working smarter, online and on the go with the Office apps you know and love.
• Quickly create Microsoft Excel and OneNote documents, or email with Outlook.
• Complete with many of the best documents, guides and templates for Office.

Get Docs² for everything you need to begin quickly creating Microsoft Excel docs! Work smarter with great videos to guide you through the essentials, a convenient document browser to edit online and on the go with your favorite apps, plus free templates to help you create beautiful docs. All together in the smartest bundle for Microsoft Excel!

– Explore the essentials of Microsoft Excel with helpful videos & content to guide you.
– Create and share docs online with convenient shortcuts for your favorite apps, including:
–– Excel, Outlook, OneNote & OneDrive.
– Discover free templates to create beautiful documents.
– Save docs offline or in OneDrive to work with other apps and devices.

– Create beautiful Excel spreadsheets.

– Save, print, publish and share workbooks.

– Edit and add comments to documents.
– Add basic formulas and references.

– Use advanced functions and operators.

– Add interesting styles, pictures and charts.

– Work with documents while on the go.
– And so much more…

– Enjoy streamlined steps to work with documents in OneDrive.
– Work with the most popular document types and formats.
– Avoid frustrating file incompatibility, and "View Only" headaches of other apps.
– Secure your files with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode.
– Type what you want to do, and the new Tell Me feature will show you how!

– Because working without the cloud is so 1999...
– Simply save your files to OneDrive to edit them everywhere.
– Automatically sync documents for use across your devices.
– Easily share your documents with friends and colleagues.
– Enjoy greater freedom with online and mobile editing.

– Browse a free treasure trove of time saving templates.
– Select the perfect layout or theme, and edit online or save offline.
– Start creating beautiful documents in no time!

– The included guides show you everything you need to be more productive, discover key features, and learn to get things done fast.

Download now to get jump-started!

NOTICE: Microsoft Office 365, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive are property or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Docs² is a property and trademark of Docs Squared, and is neither produced by, endorsed by, nor affiliated with Microsoft Corporation. Access to Microsoft Office functionality and templates is available for free through Microsoft Office Online, or you can work offline with even more features via an Office 365 trial subscription. © 2013-2018 Docs Squared, LLC. All rights reserved.

Release Notes

2019-02-12 | Version : 5.0 | Storlek : 53,1 MB
Great news! Bugs have been squashed and are extremely rare in this version. You'll love the results!
- Over 99.6% of customers don't report experiencing any technical issues.
- In the unlikely event of a problem: Contact us anytime. We’re happy to help!

New Features:
• Designed to feel faster, more fun, and help you get things done!
• Secure access to your files with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode.
• Support for the new iPhone X and iPad Pro.

Other improvements...
– Added support for business and education, in addition to personal users.
– Streamlined steps for document editing.
– Stability and performance improvements.
– Interface and other enhancements.
– Optimized for iOS 11.
– Content updates.
– Other fixes.

2016-02-03 | Version : 3.3 | Storlek : 10,5 MB
Enhanced user experience and instructions for viewing and editing docs.

Added help section with answers to frequently asked questions.

Updated information, content and capabilities.

Improved performance and landscape support.

Remember most recently opened document.

Show list of previously opened documents.

Improved accessibility of top features.

Open documents from other apps.

Simplified loading of documents.

Added sharing and more fixes.

Improved first use experience.

More convenient docs access.

Improved files interface.

Preserve more views.

Smart shortcuts.

Better graphics.

Content updates.

Improved search.

Integration improvements.

Optimized for iOS 9.

Add document picker.

More tutorials.

Organization enhancements.

Improved guides.

Other fixes.

2015-01-17 | Version : 2.2 | Storlek : 4,3 MB

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