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Alphabet Learning - Tracing & Colouring is best educational game for kids which provide learning alphabet, numbers for kids and trace each letter in fun way so that easy to write , pronunciation sound and recognise shape of letter.

Now Learning numbers & alphabets will be easier by tracing and writing with each letter in interactive mode and learn the alphabet & number intuitively guided in playful manner.

one of the best feature about Educational game is our best tracing style used in many school trace with fun and engaging at the same time.we provide best letter tracing method and handwriting technique it will be very beneficial for kids to learning.

*** What alphabets learning app will teach? ***

- abc kids alphabet game learn to recognise shape of English Alphabet and numbers.
- sequential tracing of each letter step by step to it's easy to learn and memorise how to write alphabet and learn way for writing the alphabet worksheets letters and improve handwriting.
- Alphabet learning app teaches to pronounce correctly vowels and consonants of a to z alphabet.
- After Practice of writing letters this include special mode in which learn to trace whole words so kids can learn to write English words and improve vocabulary.
- Learning abc - Finger Tracing and writing letters is designed with dashed line with number so it can easily understand how to start tracing, it will help your kids to develop them outside the classroom.

*** Key Feature of Alphabet Learning: ***

- Simplest way to learn abcd
- 26 Upper-case Alphabets
- 26 Lower-case Alphabets
- English Numbers 0-10
- Improve Handwriting
- lot of words to write, so it will expand vocabulary
- sequential tracing of each letter
- illustrate words that begin with different letters- Learn to Write
- English Words with phonics and image
- Smooth Letters tracing and coloring
- Draw and trace letter with different colour
- Amazing letter sound and pronunciation
- school educational style of learning letters
- shape of number, abc, words letter for Tracing and writing
- kids will develop phonic hearing
- spell the letters with perfect pronunciation
- Hint For Tracing
- be a better spellers and better readers.
- Plentiful brushes with Different colours
- rewarded with 3 stars if you write the letter correctly

Alphabet Learning - Tracing & Coloring for kids can be downloaded for free. virtual ABC Colouring book will save budget and provide valuable education for your kids.

Get ready to play free alphabet learning game with abc 123 and words tracing , writing , phonics that make fun for kids.
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