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Av Literature & Latte (Literature & Latte Ltd)

scapple: to work or shape roughly, without smoothing to a finish.
- The Chambers Dictionary

Scapple is an easy-to-use tool for getting ideas down as quickly as possible and making connections between them. It isn’t exactly mind-mapping software—it’s more like a freeform text editor that allows you to make notes anywhere on the page and to connect them using straight lines or arrows. If you’ve ever scribbled down ideas all over a piece of paper and drawn lines between related thoughts, then you already know what Scapple does.

Scapple doesn’t force you to make connections, and it doesn’t expect you to start out with one central idea off of which everything else is branched. There’s no built-in hierarchy at all, in fact—in Scapple, every note is equal, so you can connect them however you like. The idea behind Scapple is simple: when you are roughing out ideas, you need complete freedom to experiment with how those ideas best fit together.

Creating notes is as easy as double-clicking anywhere on the canvas and then typing; making connections between ideas is as painless as dragging and dropping one note onto another. And unlike paper, you can move notes around and never run out of space.

• Simple—and fun—to use
• Completely freeform
• Write notes anywhere on the virtual paper
• Connect notes using drag and drop
• Move and arrange notes easily
• Create background shapes to group notes
• Customise the appearance of notes including font style, colours and a choice of border styles
• Stack notes in columns of related ideas
• MathType support
• Full screen mode (Lion and above)
• iCloud support (10.8 and above)
• Export to popular formats or print your ideas
• Easily drag notes into Scrivener for further development

If you have any questions or feedback, you can contact us by email on or via our support forum at

Release Notes

2014-12-16 | Version : 1.2 | Storlek : 7,8 MB
• Bug fixes and minor refinements for Yosemite compatibility.
• Many minor bug fixes.

2013-11-28 | Version : 1.1 | Storlek : 7,8 MB
• Enhanced for Mavericks, including support for tags and responsive scrolling.
• Showing or hiding the footer bar now determines the setting for new documents.
• Added View > Page Guides, which provides guides showing where page boundaries fall when printing.
• Scapple can now drag rich text to Scrivener (requires Scrivener 2.5).
• Minor rearrangements to inspector.
• Export now prioritises stack order over cluster order.
• You can now drag any file type onto the canvas. As before, text files and images are converted to notes; notes are created for other files containing a link to their location on disk.
• You can now drag URLs onto the canvas from web pages.
• Numerous enhancements and fixes to note auto-sizing.
• Dozens of minor bug-fixes.

2013-05-01 | Version : 1.0 | Storlek : 8,1 MB


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Kommentarer och betyg för Scapple

Bäst för enkla saker (1.2)
2016-06-14 10:55:00 4/5 Av Melle2
Scapple är det snabbaste verktyget som finns för att få ner idéer strukturerat. Det går att göra ganska snygga resutalt av tankarna. Men det ska inte jämföras med MindManager eller liknande. Scapple den hierarkiska strukturen som de andra har. Men det är tackvare sin enkelhelt som det är så bra.

Scapple, not as good as it looks (1.1)
2014-09-18 21:15:00 1/5 Av StefanSthlm
Very limited mindmap program. After installing it and working with it for few days. I can not recommend it. Can not compare it to any other programs like Xmind or Mindmanager I worked with before. Its just not worth much at all. If it had been for free I would be happier. Comannd-Alt-Delete.

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Plattform : Mac OS
Av Literature & Latte

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Av Literature & Latte
Scrivener 3
Scrivener 3

Pris : 469,00 kr
Plattform : Mac OS
Av Literature & Latte

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