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noteCafe Stylo

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Av Kunio Takeuchi

“noteCafe Stylo” is a text editor that can be edited with rich text (RTFD). Font, font color, font style, font size can be easily changed. Headlines can be also set easily. Images and files can also be attached. Images can be resized while checking with preview.
"noteCafe Stylo" is saved in rich text (RTFD). It supports iCloud Drive. "noteCafe Stylo" can also be saved in the sandbox.
If you are using the application 'noteCafe', it can be saved in “noteCafe”. "noteCafe" is an application that can manage pages with categories and tags. "noteCafe" can quickly find the target page using the page list and abundant search function.

Main Specification
• macOS 64-bit Processor
• Sandbox Support
• iCloud Drive Support

Main Function
Files that can be load
•Files: rtfd, rtf, txt, pdf, html
•Images: jpg, png, tiff, gif
•Videos and Sounds: mov, m4v, mp4, m4a
•Attachable files: keynote, pages, numbers

•Standard open panel is supported. It supports iCloud Drive.
•"noteCafe Stylo" can be read from the sandbox. (RTFD file only)
•”noteCafe Stylo" can read a file shared by a shared extension. (RTFD file only)

Font Editing
•Font, font color, font style, font size can be edited.
•Headline can be set.

Image Editing
•The image can be resized.
•Markup function is available.
•An image canvas can be inserted in the page. Markup function is available.

List and Table
•A lists can be inserted.
•A tables can be inserted.

•It can be search (search and replace) the page.

•It can be saved in rich text (RTFD).
•A standard save panel is available. It supports iCloud Drive.
•It can be saved in the sandbox of “noteCafe Stylo”.
•It can be saved in the application "noteCafe". ("noteCafe" version 2.4.0 or later required)

Share Extension
•The shared extension of "noteCafe Stylo" is available.
Shared extensions can easily send information to “noteCafe Stylo” from other applications.
•The share Extension of “noteCafe Stylo” is the same as the application "noteCafe".
It is accessible from either "noteCafe Stylo" or "noteCafe".

IOS version of “noteCafe Stylo” is also available.

About noteCafe application
The "noteCafe" can be purchased from the App Store. Please search "noteCafe" on the App Store.

Overview of noteCafe
The noteCafe is recorded a day-to-day events and interesting Web pages and ideas, you can refer to later. With a rich search function and the narrowing function and the page list, you can find the purpose page quickly.
"noteCafe" supports iCloud and Local.
 Using iCloud, you will be able to share data between your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Release Notes

2017-10-09 | Version : 1.1.0 | Storlek : 2,3 MB
1. The image campus can now select the presence or absence of a boundary line.
2. Supports High Sierra.
3.Fixed a bug that unnecessary dialogue may be displayed when pasting image.
4. Fixed minor bugs.

2017-09-22 | Version : 1.0.3 | Storlek : 1,9 MB
1. The number of characters of file names to be saved to iCloud Drive and noteCafe Stylo is limited to 32 characters.
2. ”noteCafe Stylo" can be started from the saved file.

2017-06-09 | Version : 1.0.1 | Storlek : 1,9 MB
1. Fixed a problem that sometimes can not be saved when "noteCafe Stylo" is selected as the save destination.
2. Fixed a bug that could not save sentences when iCloud was not in use.


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#114 : Mest populära Mac-appar [Livsstil]

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From this dev.


Pris : 30,00 kr
Plattform : iPhone/iPad
Av Kunio Takeuchi

Pris : 20,00 kr
Plattform : iPhone/iPad
Av Kunio Takeuchi

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