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Microsoft Remote Desktop

Av Microsoft Corporation
Enheter som stöds : Mac OS

Release Notes

2017-03-13 | Version : 8.0.38 | Storlek : 14,2 MB
- The list of new resolutions wasn't showing up when you upgraded from version 8.0.36.
- Adobe applications were crashing when you tried to use them as RemoteApps.
- Black borders showed up when you used Office applications as RemoteApps on Windows Server 2016.

Want to see a list of the latest changes? Click Help > What's new. (We don't show the changes at upgrade anymore.)

2017-01-17 | Version : 8.0.37 | Storlek : 14,2 MB
We have made the following updates:
•Security enhancement: When you connect to desktops and apps that redirect local resources to the remote session, you need to grant permission for Remote Desktop to access those resources.
•Connections established from an RDP file or URI scheme are now automatically imported into the Connection Center
•New menu icons
•More default resolutions available based on user feedback
•Fixed an issue with the URI schema where pipes (|) were not parsed correctly

2016-11-07 | Version : 8.0.36 | Storlek : 14,1 MB
We’ve fixed the following in this release:
- An issue where you got a “Connection reset by peer” error message when you connected over a Remote Desktop Gateway
- An issue on macOS Sierra where full screen mode reset to “Custom” and you couldn’t change it


With the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, you can connect to a remote PC and your work resources from almost anywhere. Experience the power of Windows with RemoteFX in a Remote Desktop client designed to help you get your work done wherever you are.

Getting Started
Configure your PC for remote access first. Download the RDP assistant to your PC and let it do the work for you:
Learn more about remote desktop apps here:

•Access to remote resources through the Remote Desktop Gateway
•Secure connection to your data and applications with breakthrough Network Layer Authentication (NLA) technology
•Simple management of all remote connections from the connection center
•High quality video and sound streaming with improved compression and bandwidth usage
•Easy connection to multiple monitors or projectors for presentations
•Print from Windows applications to any printer configured on your Mac
•Access local files on your Mac from your Windows applications
•Support for Azure RemoteApp

We're improving our app - learn more!


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#10 : Mest populära Mac-appar

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#1 : Mest populära Mac-appar [Företag]

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Kommentarer och betyg för Microsoft Remote Desktop

Good but could be better (8.0.20)
2015-10-06 15:52:00 3/5 Av RealSoulskater
It works god but should need some overhaul. Foremost the layout with big icons on top should be possible to adjust so it doesn’t take up uneccesary space on desktop. The second thing is that when exporting and then importing a connection the connection name is lost and with alot of machine accessed only by IP it is a tedious work to name all of the again.

Does not work with Windows Home Server (8.0.19)
2015-09-08 12:16:00 1/5 Av Neko216
After this upgrade it does not work with Windows Home Server get the error message “Connection reset by peer”.

Bra men saknar.. (8.0.15)
2015-03-28 01:26:00 4/5 Av RTapper
En mycket bra applikation som jag haft och har stor nytta av. Men jag saknar ett enkelt sätt att sortera upp olika maskiner på. Skulle önska att man kan skapa fler grupper där man kan placera maskiner under. Blir lätt lite rörigt när man har för många maskiner utan sortering. Annars en klockren app!

Works ok in TS session, but lost admin/console session option (8.0.13)
2015-02-19 11:43:00 3/5 Av BeN4iTunes
Works fine for normal TS connections but cannot (since ver 8.10) connect to console session (:0 seesion). I hope it is a bug and will be re-enabled again in the next version.

Broken remote desktop through reverse proxied desktop gateway (8.0.13)
2015-02-11 20:38:00 1/5 Av elupus
Vey good software which i’d give 5 stars normally, but after update to version 8.0.13 access through reverse proxied remote desktop gateway stopped working. Last known working version is 8.0.8

Does NOT resolve computername.domain.local (8.0.12)
2015-01-21 21:46:00 3/5 Av rajder
I’m using VPN to connect to work. This application can connect to my windows 7 computer at work, but only by the IP number, it is unable to resolve the I do not have a problem with my network settings, nslookup does find the ip number from the computer name but this app does not, REALLY ANNOYING with DHCP. However, it is free and does work if connecting by ip.

works ok but buggy as usual (8.0.12)
2014-12-14 13:08:00 3/5 Av gberberoglu
works great for RDP, performance is good as well.. much better than the old remote desktop client comes with the office.. however this one does not respect modifier keys mapping in OSX.. so if you swapped ctrl and command in OSX (because you’re an ex windows/linux guy) good luck with remote desktop.. it’ll still trigger windows start menu on ctrl!

Keyborad mapping not configuarble anymore in the app (8.0.10)
2014-11-04 12:32:00 1/5 Av bergkatten
The keyboard is completely wrong! There is no option in the configuration at least none on Yosemite to map the keyboard. Much worse than version 2.X series I’ve used until now.

UI-degeneration (8.0.6)
2014-05-14 08:56:00 2/5 Av angas68
Be aware of that an update to version 8.0.6 will remove the search text box and ability to quickly find a remote machine. The application will also demand 50% more screen space due to two new large toolbar buttons.

Imponerande (8.0.5)
2014-05-04 18:27:00 5/5 Av kappakomplett
Fungerar som i en dröm… kanske microsoft skulle ta över progamutvecklingen i apple?

Imponerande! (8.0.5)
2014-04-20 16:25:00 5/5 Av C588
Verkligt bra, snabb och stabil! Hatten av för Microsoft...

Fungerar bra (8.0.5)
2014-04-17 19:14:00 5/5 Av izepax
Gör det den ska och fungerar bra.

It works but it should be better (8.0.3)
2014-03-09 14:52:00 3/5 Av Göran Gustafsson
The program works ok but it could easily be much better. All toolbar icons are low-resolution and the different keyboard shortcuts are not consistent with the OS X environment.

Doesnt work at all (8.0.3)
2014-01-24 14:32:00 1/5 Av /Jerry
At most i get "Unable to connect to remote PC. Please verify Remote Desktop is enabled, the remote PC is turned on and available on the network, and then try again.” However there is no problem to access the files on the Win_PC via finder on my mac….. Please Microsoft Create one app, without bugs and (overwhelming) support page…...

Remote Desktop keyboard (8.0.3)
2014-01-13 22:25:00 3/5 Av johnnyjosefsson
Seems nice that Microsoft releases a more robust application for this. But I do miss the functionality of the app to map the keyboard correctly from PC keyboard to mac to OS X Remote Desktop with a Windows Remote Desktop in a server. In those cases the keyboard keys gets mapped incorrectly. Some of the other main apps like Jump Start solves this without any problem. We need the app to handle different keyboards of variants, and sessions with in session better. Or Teamviewer with OS X Remote Desktop with Windows Remote Desktop, not a uncommonly scenarion when working with different IT environments on a regular basis.

Bra release! (8.0.3)
2014-01-10 20:56:00 4/5 Av Jonas Nordlund
Bäst RDP-klient för Mac hittills från Microsoft! Snabb och sköter allt jag kan komma att tänka på ”rätt” utan att kräva inställningar. Saker som ofta blir fel hos konkurrenter är tangentbordets "översättning" Mac<->PC, tecken som t.ex | \ brukar bli knepiga och tycks ha att göra med svenska tangentbordet. Men det fungerar också bra vilket är suveränt för mig som programmerar! Egentligen en klar femma, men ett litet avdrag för utseendet.

Inte perfekt (8.0.3)
2013-12-12 23:58:00 4/5 Av J.L.....
Det fattas fortfarande ett par saker för att den ska bli perfekt och förtjäna fem stjärnor.

Excellent (8.0.2)
2013-12-10 23:22:00 5/5 Av LillOgi
Microsoft has done an excellent work with this RDP client! Works like a charm!

Excellent, some improvement possible however (8.0.2)
2013-11-25 22:35:00 4/5 Av Klickflip
People comparing the previous MS RDP program to iTap and this version, well yeah, this is the sequel of iTap that was bought by MS… Obviously acquiring brilliant app on another OS is a better start for MS than to have a program made from scratch for that OS internally. This version of MS RD is excellent as was the previous one, but it’s in need of a little tuning I believe… A little more aesthetics would be nice and a Mac like customisable toolbar would be fun, but not be an obligation. this version indeed seems to do the full screen according to the OS standard, but that comes with a little downside for me, a jolly app switcher (cmd+tab) in OS X and a jolly program switcher within MS Windows terminal session (alt+tab) The focus on a full screen remote desktop session is not behaving optimally, if the program keeps the little window in the background while working full screen.. While app switching back and forth inside the local OS (cmd+tab), the focus of MS RD is set on the main little menu window, rather than to the remote desktop that is full screen. I doubt if this could be fixed, as other apps such as Safari behave similarly. If an application has a combo of one full screen window and one smaller window, the focus in application switching goes by default on the non full screen window. One needs to swipe four fingers instead of using the App switching key combo… Perhaps making the window close automatically would be an option, while moving some commands to the menu bar. Not the least the very little buttons and listings could move to the menu bar with a bit of a creative touch, no? That would definitely serve aesthetics... One real glitch that I experience is that the size of the remote display is not always perfectly fitting on the local screen, a little of the top is apparently out of range on my computer (rMBP 2012). That is to say that sometimes a full screen remote program (yes, a windows program full screen in the full screen Mac program) is not shown completely in the screen. It can at times be fixed by exiting and re-entering the full screen view of the windows program (either button or double click on the window bar - in Windows still) I love the way the windows menu is *NOT* appearing while app switching locally (cmd + tab), when it indeed is appearing if only cmd is pressed as were it to be the Windows button... This is absolutely lovely as the focus inside Windows returns back to where you left off (given you closed the main program window ;) ) Previously, switching back to the Windows RD session, you had to discard the windows menu that erected without any need, just as you left off switching locally. As I love iTap, and its people (I’ve gladly accepted a beta previously, to help give feedback on previous issues) I am only happy about the evolution it got, not the least for the addition of the remote resources… Keep up the excellence!

Äntligen (8.0.0)
2013-11-17 20:24:00 5/5 Av Tordyvel
Itap > MS, well if you're used Itap, this is almost the same app (former Itap). Excellent update MS, THX. *Update* If you're like me use a lot of servers there is a bug. I've noticed when connected to server 2003 32bit sometimes cpu goes wild and the machine gets real slow. The process/service causing svchost (main services unfortunately) to use 100% cpu.

Fungerar utmärkt (8.0.0)
2013-10-29 13:28:00 5/5 Av Jaqulo
Kopplade upp på jobbets RDP utan några bekymmer, detta gör att jag inte längre måste bära min jobbdator fram och tillbaka till jobbet. Klockrent och fungerar väldigt bra med både windowed mode och fullscreen. Enkelt och stabilt helt enkelt. Tack Microsoft! Full pott!

ÄNTLIGEN (8.0.0)
2013-10-27 23:40:00 5/5 Av Manjola
Den är hur fantastik som helst! Allt som inte funkade på den förra fungerar elegant nu. finns egentligen inget att klaga på. Om man vill vara kinkig kan man säga att video upskalningen inte flyter på 110%, men samtidigt fungerar den enormt bra i jämförelse med den tidigare RDP. Hatten av MS

Awesome client... but... (8.0.0)
2013-10-25 11:59:00 4/5 Av 19leon73
This remote desktop client is really really good and if it wasn't for one small detail. The app would get five stars from me if it was possible to create groups. As an IT consultant I have a large collection of servers that I regullary connect to, and it would be awesome if I could create one group for each company and have all their servers one their own folder/group. As is it now all server independent of company is in one list. If you look at the way visionapp works with Credentials and Folders and the connections under the folder, that's a nice layout.

Funkar tyvärr inte (8.0.0)
2013-10-23 22:30:00 1/5 Av Notumforce
Funkar inte mot företagets ts servrar får tyvärr får 503 rpc error , dock så funkar det med itap weird.. Får fnula lite på problemet

Bra, men inte så snyggt (8.0.0)
2013-10-18 13:11:00 4/5 Av star-affinity
Inte det vackraste programmet direkt, men det verkar funka bra. Mycket snabbare än tidigare varianter av Remote Desktop – känns nästan som att sitta lokalt vid datorn.

Välbehövlig uppdatering (8.0.0)
2013-10-18 08:14:00 4/5 Av Christofer J
Fungerar mycket smidigare både när det kommer till anslutning och fönsterhantering.

Magiskt (8.0.0)
2013-10-18 00:18:00 5/5 Av Esongeson
Helt fantastisk applikation, äntligen kan man överge iTap. Allting bara fungerar, äntligen ett program där du kan ha dina sessioner i full screen! Då menar jag alltså att de få sitt egna screenspace. Remote FX funkar galant, kan scrolla aftonbladet och kolla video precis som om man satt lokalt vid maskinen. Ta med sig mappar och skriva ut funkar också kanon. Full poäng Microsoft, det enda man kan anmärka på är att det tagit så här lång tid att se till att det finns en gratis applikation till Mac som stöder RD-Gateway.

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