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GeoGebra 5

Av International GeoGebra Institute (IGI) (Internationales GeoGebra Institut, "IGI")
Enheter som stöds : Mac OS

Release Notes

2017-02-07 | Version : 5.0.321 | Storlek : 81,6 MB
Fix for bbbb: r=2θ
fix for drop-downs that change length
3D View: fix for plotting a(x, y) = abs(x + y ί)
3D View: fix for back-to-front angles
CAS View: improve form of Numeric[121V^2 m 3.14159265359 (0.0004 / W / Ω)]
fix for selecting Norwegian Nynorsk
solve confusion with C_1 and C_{1}
On-screen keyboard: fix for accents keys
CAS View: fix for Angle[10deg + 20deg]
fix for dragging 3D polygons in 2D
fix for inverting segments in degenerate circles
CAS View: fix for f(1/x)
On-screen keyboard: fix for Shift key
3D View: fix for tracing conics
fix for y = (h(x))^2
fix for Sequence[RectangleSum[x², n, n + 1, 1, 0], n, 0, 3]
faster / more accurate Taylor Polynomials eg TaylorPolynomial[1/x, 2, 10]
Spreadsheet: copy scripts for copy/paste
Input Boxes: fix for entering a formula after a number
set background color from the spreadsheet when an object is created / renamed (if necessary)
CAS View: fix for f'(x) for eg f(x) = K(x)/x
fix for Input Boxes on iOS
fix for "Sign in"

2017-01-05 | Version : 5.0.307 | Storlek : 79,6 MB
* use correct minus sign for Braille export
* fix drawing bug
* fix for Freehand Function Tool
* fix for localized color names
* CAS View: fix for NSolve Tool for f(x)=1
* fix for 2-Var Analysis Tool after using 1-Var Tool
* 3D View: DynamicCoordinates[] working

2016-11-10 | Version : 5.0.286 | Storlek : 79,6 MB
* Fix for Input Boxes linked to sliders
* 3D View: orientation fix
* CAS View: fix for NSolve[x^5730=1/2]
* Improvements for Polyline in 3D
* Fix Invert[log(3,x+1)], Invert[log(x+1,3)]
* Fix problem with IntersectPath[Polygon, Line]
* Fix problem with Input Bar giving error eg Integral[x,0,1]
* Logarithmic grid for Data Analysis (beta)
* Surd improvements, eg Simplify[cbrt(x^6)] returns x^2
* Fix non-polynomial implicit curves
* Results from Derivative and Integral cached in the XML
* Fast dragging of CAS functions in the Graphics View
* Pen Tool and Freehand Shape Tool moved to under the Move Tool, Text Tool moved
* CAS View: Solve Numerically Tool fix for 2 rows
* Fix for \qquad in LaTeX
* Make sure Algebra View order is saved/reloaded correctly


GeoGebra 5

GeoGebra ( is free dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package. Interactive teaching and learning resources created with GeoGebra can be shared and used by everyone at

GeoGebra is the world’s favorite dynamic mathematics software, has received numerous educational software awards, and supports STEM education and innovations in teaching and learning worldwide.

Join us. Dynamic Mathematics for Everyone.

* Free to use software for learning, teaching and evaluation
* Fully interactive, easy-to-use interface with many powerful features
* Access to an ever-expanding pool of resources at
* Available in many languages
* A fun way to really see and experience mathematics and science
* Adaptable to any curriculum or project
* Used by millions of people around the world


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2015-01-21 08:41:00 1/5 Av Johan!!!

From this dev.


Pris : Gratis
Plattform : Mac OS
Av International GeoGebra Institute (IGI)
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Av International GeoGebra Institute (IGI)
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Plattform : Mac OS
Av International GeoGebra Institute (IGI)

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