Dr. Cleaner: Disk, Mem Clean 4,5/5

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Dr. Cleaner: Disk, Mem Clean

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Av Trend Micro (Trend Micro, Inc.)

Best FREE Mac Cleaner in 2017 | Dr. Cleaner is all in one Mac Clean Master that offers Memory Free, Disk Clean, App Cleaner and more to clean my Mac. Fully compatible with macOS High Sierra on your Macbook.

--- 4,000,000 USERS in 30 MONTHS. 110,000 RATINGS, AVERAGE RATING 4.8 ---

"It removes unwanted and useless files to clean my Mac. It does everything the description says for Mac Disk Clean." — Kamil.T from Australia
"Very simple - very effective. Easy to use and great way to clean my Mac." — Damo1183 from U.K.
"Simply the best free Mac Clean App I have ever used in 2017…Most Importantly, it is an all in one Cleaner Master" — Janie from Germany

[Mac Disk Clean Map]
• Mac Disk Clean by reviewing a clickable disk map for details of system file distribution
• Easily know which files or folders use the most disk space with this Clean Master

[Memory Free Up]
• 1-click Mac Memory Clean to speed up your Mac’s performance
• Instantly frees up memory after closing Apps
• Identify Apps that occupy significant amount of memory
• All in one Mac Memory Optimization Utility

[Junk Files Cleaner]
• Quick disk clean from status bar menu
• Clean temporary files, logs, mail caches, iTunes and iOS temporary files, etc. Empty Trash for current users
• Detect and remove remaining files of uninstalled Apps
• Clean trash in removable storage to clean your Mac

[Big Files Scanner]
• 1-click scan for big files (customizable size from 10 MB and above)
• Multiple filters of size, date, name and type
• Local files in sync with iCloud drive can also be found
• Protected files* will not be deleted
[* Important big files can be "locked" into the protected list to avoid false deletion.]

[Duplicate Finder]
• Best FREE Mac Clean App for Duplicate Files with the fast and accurate scanning technique that covers your entire home folder
• Auto-select for duplicates quick disk clean
• Users can preview each duplicate to decide which file should be deleted

[Intelligent Uninstall App]
• Uninstall App for Mac Disk Clean
• Detect leftover files of deleted apps by App Manager
• All in one App Optimizer to manage all installed apps
• Get notified when there is new version of installed App found

We value your feedback! Please comment in the App Store or submit ideas and requests directly to our developers through our support portal (http://Appletuner.trendmicro.com/support).
You can also email us directly at mac_support@trendmicro.com.

Release Notes

2018-01-04 | Version : 3.3.3 | Storlek : 19,3 MB
Various bugs fixed.

2017-11-28 | Version : 3.3.2 | Storlek : 19,3 MB
Various bug fixes

2017-10-11 | Version : 3.3.1 | Storlek : 27,6 MB
- Various bug fixes


Övergripande :
#24 : Mest populära Mac-appar

Kategorier :
#7 : Mest populära Mac-appar [Verktyg]

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Enheter som stöds : Mac OS

Kommentarer och betyg för Dr. Cleaner: Disk, Mem Clean

Quick and Easy to use... (3.2.0)
2017-05-25 06:51:12 5/5 Av AndersAlm-Multiuser
The headline says it all. Works well!

Great app (3.2.0)
2017-04-23 02:41:05 5/5 Av S3rkan84
Really good and simple recommended!

on every mac (3.2.0)
2017-04-18 15:11:11 5/5 Av Jentin Com
Works good, best feature is memoryunloading as you work and close program. Cleaningfunction works great, and the uninstall after a app been pasted to trashcan is perfect.

Simple and Nice App! (3.2.0)
2017-04-17 03:28:13 5/5 Av ChristianGudmundsson
Super happy over the simplicity over this app

Mycket bra, tom väldigt bra (3.1.0)
2017-03-08 08:10:25 5/5 Av Per Klemming
Enkel, effektiv - frigörande. Mer kan man inte begära.

Dr Cleaner (3.1.0)
2017-02-08 05:41:16 5/5 Av Sourmos
Mycket användbart. Anväder den ofta!

like a lot (3.1.0)
2017-02-05 23:20:50 5/5 Av Hellokattunge
grymt bra

Utmärkt arbete (3.1.0)
2017-01-19 02:33:59 5/5 Av FritteBanan
Snabb, enkel och effektiv !!

Precis vad min mac behövde. (3.1.0)
2017-01-11 14:40:46 5/5 Av Zojja
Hade problem med program som krachade konstant. Trotts 8GB ram på Imac. Tack vare detta program kunde jag åter igen använda dem utan att slita av mig mitt hår. Och det verkar bara bli bättre och bättre för varge uppdatering. Rekommenderar det starkt.

Få en snabbare dator ;) (3.0.2)
2016-09-24 12:57:00 5/5 Av Robban72Nacka
Hjälper verkligen till, datorn känns rappare efter optimering. Använder den ganska ofta. Tummen upp. Bäst av allt, den är GRATIS!

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