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Disk Care - Clean & Create Free Space on your Drive

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Av It's About Time Products ("It's About Time Products")


This 5-star app has saved thousands of people space on their drive - The reviews are in and they are unanimously positive!

"Within a minute I had found an additional 31.34 GB to delete."
       - Engadget - Steve Sande
"Featuring a clean, minimalistic interface that looks like it was created by Apple’s own design team, Disk Care is incredibly easy to use. It’s also very powerful."
        - AppAdvice - Bryan Wolfe
"Disk Care is just about cleaning up space on your hard drive and it does so as simply as possible."
        - LifeHacker - Thorin Klosowski

Most powerful and beautiful disk space saving app on the Mac app store. Time to find you much needed space on your drive.

Clean & create gigabytes of unneeded and unwanted files on your drive in a few clicks.

- Disk Care optimizes the following folders:
 • Cache
 • App Logs
 • Old iOS
 • Downloads
 • Mail Downloads
 • Browser Data
 • Trash

- In addition, in one click, view Large Files over 100 MB organized by largest to smallest.
 • Built-in theater to view file selected
 • Add any large files to clear space

- Exclude items or folders
 • To make sure you never delete an item or a folder, in Preferences, add excluded items. 
 • Excluded items will not be listed in the Large Files view.
 • Excluded items will not be deleted if they are in a folder listed above.

- New OS X inspired interface - incredibly simple and powerful.
 • Optimized for retina display

- Tutorial and warning before cleaning your drive
• Don't be scared, we guide you through everything that's happening and warn you before cleaning your drive. You can opt out of viewing the tutorial but not the warning before cleaning your drive.

Note: Please, please, please backup your drive just incase you accidentally remove files you wish you didn't. There is no way to undo once you clean your drive.

Release Notes

2015-11-12 | Version : 1.5.1 | Storlek : 4,4 MB
• We heard you loud and clear! New icon - hope this one is a lot better looking in your dock!
• Name change - Disk App is now "Disk Care"
• Please, if you'd like, subscribe to our email list to get updates and news on new apps and upcoming discounts. We will not spam your inbox.
• El Capitan ready

2014-12-24 | Version : 1.2.3 | Storlek : 4,1 MB
• Made optimizations to Large Files
• New "select home folder" intro screen

• Squashed a bug that prevented Mavericks users from seeing the start screen (Thank you for the emails)

2014-10-27 | Version : 1.1 | Storlek : 2,9 MB
Thank you to EVERYONE who emailed. Here's what we got in this update:
• Improved analyzing logic - Locked and system files are not deleted
• Improved cleaning by verifying the files have been removed
• Improved pie animation logic
• Fixed issue that prevented some Macs from passing the initial test after selecting their Home and Applications folder
• Fixed issue of large files still displaying when scanning again
• Added a "Reset Home Location" option in the menu just incase
• Other bug fixes & improvements

People want to know how much space you saved! Please write a review.


Övergripande :
#134 : Populära betalappar för Mac

Kategorier :
#26 : Populära betalappar för Mac [Verktyg]
#60 : Mest sålda Mac-appar [Verktyg]

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Enheter som stöds : Mac OS

Kommentarer och betyg för Disk Care - Clean & Create Free Space on your Drive

Love it! A must-have! (1.5.1)
2016-11-28 06:47:00 5/5 Av ztrauss
Quick and easy to use. Even my mother gets how ;)

Super helpful! (1.5.1)
2016-10-11 15:02:00 5/5 Av TomasAhlström
I always get out of space when I’m in a hurry. With Disk Care I’ll clean up my harddrive in seconds!

Superfast! (1.5.1)
2016-05-09 01:13:00 5/5 Av unfufu
Freed up 4 GB in no time!

Fast and simple! (1.5.1)
2016-03-24 09:12:00 5/5 Av Hiphopcarola
Superfast and simple tool with easy to understand graphic interface. Great for freeing up space on your harddrive and well worth the money.

Easy to understand, easy to use (0)
2015-12-19 15:27:00 5/5 Av Alarik von Hofsten
The best cleaning too I have ever used. Most others are cumbersome to use or do too little to be owrth the effort compared with manual cleaning.

2015-12-11 12:47:00 5/5 Av exempel
Very good indeed. Recommended!

Snyggare och smartare städning (0)
2015-10-23 07:27:00 5/5 Av Urforma_liselott
Minst lika bra städning av datorn som tidigare men nu även snyggare utseende rent allmänt. Jag är väldigt nöjd med den automatiserade städning en app kan göra.

first nothing happen,but now is working (1.1)
2014-10-19 13:29:00 3/5 Av Van Von Holm
Its working now, looks good!

Bra! (1.1)
2014-10-14 19:13:00 5/5 Av Danilovitch
Gör vad den ska! Utmärkt, kolla inställningar först bara.

Funkar bra! (1.1)
2014-10-08 08:59:00 5/5 Av Goooooooi
Snyggt och funktionellt! Jag rensade ut 66GB direkt på min Mac (varav 47GB i trash).

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