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Comic Life 3

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Av plasq LLC

"Comic Life is one of our favorite apps!"

" * * * * " Macworld

"Awesome!... It's intuitive and it has a wider selection of title treatments and templates - love the retro look!"
- Chris Shoemaker, Co-Founder of Freshi Media

"Wow!...I'm totally impressed. With so many options at my disposal, I feel like I have ultimate control of the way the page gets rendered... "
- Anthony Rezendes, Cranium Comics

"I am so excited about Comic Life 3 for Mac."
- Kelly Croy, Editor of Wired Educator


Turn your photos into amazing comic pages or create an entire comic book with Comic Life. Start with fully customizable templates or build your own pages with speech balloons, comic lettering, and photo filters so slick they can make your grandmother look like a superhero.

Comic Life isn't just for creating comics. You can retell a family vacation or capture a special day using your photos. It's simple to do: just drag photos onto the page and add your text in speech balloons and captions. Filter your images and add in some halftones or speedlines for more action.

With Comic Life you'll never look at your pictures the same way again.


The app that started a revolution. Comic Life burst onto the Mac scene in 2005 and caused a sensation winning both an Apple Design Award (for Best Product New to Mac OS X) and a Macworld Eddy. Now there's a bunch of new features:

* Brand new filters for even better comic photo styling
* Instant Alpha for creative photo layouts
* Script editor for writing your story and simple drag and drop for adding script text to your comic page
* New templates to get you going quickly
* 3D lettering effects
* Advanced graphics options: brush strokes, cool fill effects and opacity controls
* New editing interface with groups, rulers, 2 up display

It's the perfect addition to your Mac.

Release Notes

2017-02-07 | Version : 3.5.4 | Storlek : 66,3 MB
* Lightroom integration improvements
* "Show in Finder" now available in context menu when external image is selected.
* Page Up and Down keys now page through the comic
* Performance improvement when using full page halftone fills

Other fixes and improvements

2016-07-20 | Version : 3.5.3 | Storlek : 66,1 MB
* Fixed a crashing bug when exporting to Photos

2016-05-11 | Version : 3.5.2 | Storlek : 66,1 MB
* Selection of images with transparency now works reliably
* Master page feature is functioning correctly again
* Sample script English keywords now function in all localizations
* Performance improvements for large scripts


Övergripande :
#72 : Mest sålda Mac-appar
#84 : Populära betalappar för Mac

Kategorier :
#6 : Mest sålda Mac-appar [Grafik och design]
#7 : Populära betalappar för Mac [Grafik och design]

Skärmdumpar Mac OSX :

Skärmdumpar Mac OSX Skärmdumpar Mac OSX Skärmdumpar Mac OSX Skärmdumpar Mac OSX Skärmdumpar Mac OSX


Utbildning , Grafik och design

Enheter som stöds : Mac OS

Kommentarer och betyg för Comic Life 3

Going from bad to worse... (3.1)
2015-06-15 00:53:00 1/5 Av 81gb0ss
totally unusable, went from crashing all the time to not available update, can simply not use it. sad, deleting the program form the hard drive.

great improvement but crashes all the time, so very hard to use! (3.0.1)
2013-11-20 10:42:00 2/5 Av 81gb0ss
very easy to work, looks great nd then you cant save your work. being 2 times in to a 15 page comic and everything is lost… this with the latest update installed. Using something that is not trustworthy do not work. thanks Bo

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