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Av Team17 Software Ltd (Team17 Software, Limited)

Run for cover as the original, award-winning turn-based strategy game WORMS™ hits the App Store!

With a selection of single player battles, up to 4 player multiplayer mode and plenty of ways to customise your team, Worms™ is high on entertainment and replay value!

•Authentic Worms™ gameplay.
•Honed iPhone control system.
•Cartoon-style visuals and comical audio.
•Plan your attacks with the Sheep, Holy Hand Grenade and the Banana Bomb!
•50 challenges, with items to unlock.
•6 environments, each one with random battlefields, no two games are the same!
•Personalise your team with names, voices and gravestones.
•Custom music support.
•Auto-saves game state on exit.

Featured in this 2.0 update:

•Play against your friends with Bluetooth multiplayer! Up to four players can join the mayhem in what is possibly the best multiplayer fun you can have on iPhone!
•Feel like showing off? No problem! Post your high scores and achievements to Twitter or Facebook from inside the game.
•Choose what music you want to listen to while you play, with in-game playlist browsing.
•Think you're a Worms™ expert? Take on a true test of your skill and face the mighty challenge of the all-new Body Count mode.
•Watch your finest moments again and again with the return of action-replays.
•For 3GS users, enjoy the improved visuals, with animated 3D backgrounds, superior water effects and other graphical enhancements.
•And with Plus+ integration, you can create your own friends lists and write your name in the Worms™ hall of fame on a selection of online leader-boards.
•Plus a variety of tweaks and improvements throughout!

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Release Notes

2017-02-15 | Version : 2.6 | Storlek : 242,1 MB
- Added 64 bit support
- Fixed the input issue on the latest iOS devices

2014-10-06 | Version : 2.1 | Storlek : 128,3 MB
Various bug fixes and improvements

2012-09-02 | Version : 2.0.7 | Storlek : 129,8 MB
- Five new speech-banks! (inc. Special-Ops, Fighter Pilot & Sub Commander).

- New Forts Mode and Golden Donkey Level Skip! (available as in-app purchases).

- Game Center compatibility featuring leaderboards and achievements.

- Facebook integration allowing progress to be displayed in the Facebook Ticker.


Övergripande :
#47 : Mest populära betalappar

Kategorier :
#26 : Mest populära betalappar [Action]
#28 : Mest populära betalappar [Strategi]
#129 : Mest populära betalappar [Spel]

Skärmdumpar iPhone / iPod :

Skärmdumpar iPhone / iPod Skärmdumpar iPhone / iPod Skärmdumpar iPhone / iPod Skärmdumpar iPhone / iPod Skärmdumpar iPhone / iPod


Spel , Underhållning , Action , Strategi

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Kommentarer och betyg för WORMS

Controls can't be worse (2.1)
2016-10-15 16:35:00 1/5 Av Gawa0700
Everything about steering the worm is made ridiculously hard...

Worst Worms (2.1)
2016-09-11 01:47:00 2/5 Av Erajj-12
This is probably the most confusing Worms game ever. The controls are weird and the characters with controls are weird and don't talk about the graphics. A freaking GameCube had better graphics then this.

I'd like my money back (2.1)
2015-11-26 16:30:00 1/5 Av DavidDunder
Doesn't seem to be updated for iPhone 6S. Controlling the worms are almost impossible. Can't aim, can't choose weapons, etc.

Bra men mer vapen! (2.0.7)
2014-09-19 18:09:00 4/5 Av Kattelev
Jävligt roligt, med andra ord funkar Worms ok även på iPhone. Enda som saknas är större utbud på vapen! (Vill ju ha Banana Bomb...)

Amazing (2.1)
2014-09-01 16:57:00 5/5 Av IronGuySwe
Thankyou for the update, now my favourite game are working on iOS 8 and on iPhone 5/5S bigger screen!!

Briljant (2.0.6)
2012-03-08 16:55:00 5/5 Av Nisse Pe
Riktigt kul, och man tröttnat inte i första taget.

No wifi? (2.0.6)
2012-01-06 21:02:00 5/5 Av Gomerfa
Why does worms 2 have wifi but not this game?

Mjo (2.0.6)
2011-11-26 17:36:00 4/5 Av Alcastrane
Själva spelet är detsamma som de nya spelen till datorn, så det kan man inte klaga på. Men iphonen är alldeles för liten för att det inte ska bli frustrerande att spela. Dock så kan ju ni brats som gapar om att ni vill ha era 7 kr tillbaka sluta grina... Herregud, det är ett halvt tuggummipaket.

Mkt underhållande spel (2.0.1)
2011-11-21 22:03:00 5/5 Av Erki
Väldigt kul! Man sjunker in i Worms världen precis som i PC versionen, nästan ännu mer i iPhoneversion. Det har är ett bra spel till din iPhone helt enkelt!

Askul! (2.0.6)
2011-11-13 20:48:00 5/5 Av Kokosnöten
Hade lätt betalat 22 spänn för denne! Multiplayer är guddomlig asså!!! Jag kan bara säga att batteriet rusar iväg!!!!! Ps. När du tröttnat på Worms, köp Worms 2: Arrameggadon! Där finns det fler vapen och så, men om du inte har nördat ettan än; GÖR DET!!!! Man tröttnar inte på ett lååångt tag. (multiplayer håller längre än singleplayer) 😜

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