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Clash of Kings - COK

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Av ELEX Wireless (ELEX Technology Holdings Co., Ltd.)

Battle kings, fight enemies, conquer kingdoms & build an army with real time PVP strategy in CoK, an epic MMORPG war game.

Conquer kingdoms in the epic war game that pits your army against friends and enemies from all around the world. With 3 new civilizations and a new Popularity ranking feature, Clash of Kings has even more PVP territory to explore and conquer!

Download Clash of Kings and experience the fantasy world of PVP medieval combat.

Top 5 Reasons to Download Clash of Kings:
1. Build a kingdom, upgrade defenses, customise armies and collect resources with RTS
2. Wage war and play PVP against thousands of players in real time MMO battles
3. Navigate the massive fantasy world with tactical MMORPG gameplay
4. Build strategic alliances with other lords and leaders across the CoK world
5. Three new civilizations and the new Popularity feature offer even more PVP gameplay

Join thousands of other clans in a massive PVP war for control over the kingdoms. Build up your army and shore up your defences with upgrades to your castle and army barracks to withstand even the most powerful PVE attack. Use tactical, strategic MMORPG gameplay to prevent a siege, battle enemies and manage your city’s resources to become one of the most powerful lords in the Clash of Kings realm.

Strengthen control over your kingdoms by building farms and sawmills to gain resources for your army. Build and maintain alliances with other leaders and fight using real time battle strategy.

Explore the new civilizations of Dragonborn, Viking and Yamato. With new heroes each with their own specialties battling it out in the ancient valley, these battle-tested warriors are ready for PVP combat within the ever expanding CoK fantasy world.

Download Clash of Kings, battle enemies for top billing in the Popularity feature and take control of the realm in this epic MMO PVP war!

● $4.99, and lasts for 30 days. After purchasing, players will get exclusive privileges as follows:
● Building Speed +10%
● Research Speed +10%
● Troop Attack +5%
● Troop Defense +5%

Please note:
● Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
● Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
● Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
● Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the your Account Settings after purchase

Connect with Clash of Kings
● Facebook:
● Twitter:

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use please check:

Release Notes

2018-01-09 | Version : 3.17.0 | Storlek : 168,2 MB
Brand new Lv.11 Cavalry - Slaughter Cavalry is ready for battle! This unit has strong survivability, and they are good at combat!
-Unit’s Skill: Advanced Charge, Dodge, Critical Hit and Random Shot!
-Advanced Charge has great improvement on target selecting and damage dealing. Dodge makes this unit hard to kill. Critical Hit enhances their explosive force. Random Shot can deal tons of damage to ranged troops!

Resource Plot level limit will be released soon
-Recently, there are many monsters raging outside. In order to secure gathering, a policy “the level of the Resource Plot you can gather is limited by your castle level” will be published soon.

-Optimized the popularity mail. It will be integrated with the popularity battle report. Needs 3.16.0 and above version.

2018-01-02 | Version : 3.16.0 | Storlek : 167,9 MB
Welcome the New Year
-Collect New Year Painting to get rich reward. Find Surprise Gift Box on the world map. The carnival won’t stop!
-Event time: 2017/12/28 - 2018/01/04
-Will be held simultaneously with the Christmas Event.
Civilization Carnival:
-During the event, switching Civilization won’t reduce Popularity. Popularity Donation will be opened as well!

Advance notice: Slaughter Cavalry will be available soon!
-This unit has strong survivability, and they are good at combat!
My Lord, please stay tuned!

Lv.9 Resource Plots will be available soon
-The bachelors have found new farming skills, which can make the Resource Plots upgrade to level 9.Thus, many Lv.9 Resources Plots will appear on the world map in the near future!

-You can view other Civilization Popularity level in the Popularity interface.

2017-12-22 | Version : 3.15.1 | Storlek : 167,7 MB
New function - the Auction house has officially opened
Niflheim Federation Auction:
-The entry of Auction is at the Travelling Merchant.
-Several servers will be scheduled as a group, and share the same Auction.
-Items in the Auction will be marked with different qualities. Different items with different qualities have different replenishment times and different auction times. You can bid or bid up on the items you want to buy in the Auction.
- You will receive an Auction Successful mail in game if you are successful. Otherwise your gold will return to the Auction.
- The Auction event cycle is 1 week. It will open from system time 00:00 Thursday - 00:00 Sunday. You are able to use it during the opening time only. You are not allowed to use it when you are under the cross-server state.

The Bank is back!
-Many financial products, many choices!
-Interest rate is extremely high!

- Christmas Carnival:
Santa Claus’s surprise, various Christmas gifts and New Year packs. The variety of gifts is out of your imagination! Merry Christmas!

Event time: 2017.12.21—2018.01.04
- Popularity Event:
Popularity Donation Bonus will get you more popularity while donating.
Event Time: 2017.12.20—2017.12.31

Dragon Word - Intelligent Activation
-You will no longer be trapped in fusing and disassembling Dragon Grapheme Stones. Activate the target Dragon Word with one-key!
-Once you use “Intelligent Activation”, system will automatically disassemble all your Dragon Grapheme Stones to level 1, fuse them into the needed level, and finally activate the target Dragon Word.
-You can put the Dragon Word you commonly used in the record slot, tapping it will allow you jump to its detail page conveniently.

Adjusted the rules for the World Boss HP
-When you attack the World Boss, the real HP deducted will change with the appearance time of the Boss.
-This won’t affect the points you gain.

Decoration Store Optimization
-Added a Diamond page to the Decoration Store. All decorations that can be purchased by Diamond will be showed here.

-There are new technologies in the College: Wall Reinforcement IV, City Defense IV, Rubble IV, Kerosene IV, Massive Logs IV, Crane IV, Loophole IV, Battlements IV. You can research the above technologies to further fortify your castle!
-Hero Palace level limit is increased from 20 to 21
-The Prison level limit is increased from 15 to 19


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Kommentarer och betyg för Clash of Kings - COK

Chat issues (2.40.0)
2017-05-02 14:52:29 1/5 Av Tahiiirr
My internet connection is perfect and everything works except the chat... I can't send even a message!!!...FIX THIS!

Outstanding (2.36.1)
2017-04-06 19:35:18 5/5 Av Pontusk82
Superb game

Additivt (2.30.0)
2017-02-22 07:35:00 5/5 Av Robert.m.nilsson

Bästa!! (2.29.1)
2017-02-08 07:49:00 5/5 Av Huefo
Roligt, spel med möjlighet att hänga med andra i cyber rymden .. händer alltid ngt

Gå och dö (2.20.2)
2016-11-29 15:41:00 1/5 Av Gå och dö
Gör inte reklam

Unstable and cost alot of money (2.20.1)
2016-11-20 01:28:00 1/5 Av Max-the-gr8
Big problem with the game. Crashes while playing and u are then open for being attacked. This results in lost and wounded troops. Long time to get troops back or pay speedups to make new troops. No compensation given, only message that they are sorry and they are fixing the problem. Game gets restarted on ios 15-25 times per day. Choose a different game before you spend money on this game. Built only for players willing to pay alot of money.

Stop! (2.20.1)
2016-11-19 15:06:00 1/5 Av CrankyTiara553
Stop ruining my game experience on antother game with your boring pop-up ads! Just F*cking Stop!(btw that star is just to send!)

Beroende (2.17.1)
2016-10-30 20:04:00 4/5 Av Pakkila
Alla som är lika beroende av detta spel som jag adda mig på kik eller snapchat heter Pakkila på båda

Riktigt skoj (2.16.1)
2016-10-22 16:09:00 1/5 Av Tomas Ekroth
Senaste versionen startar inte på iPhone 7 :( stänger ner sig direkt efter startskärmen.

Game is AWESOME...but (2.14.0)
2016-10-09 10:44:00 5/5 Av Trasc
Lately have few problems..was buying in game packs , using real money and haven't get anything..they was promised fix it for me, but now week have pass and I was trying again buy in game gold..same s** sending out invoices again and again, but game modes doesn't seems care about players at all!! We talking here- players, who support You COK!!!

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